Posted by: angrymob101 | April 23, 2009

Bush Cheney Torture Claim: LMAO

LOL, via Waking up to torture truths —

The Bush administration claimed that the waterboarding of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed helped foil a planned 2002 attack on Los Angeles — forgetting that he wasn’t captured until 2003.

Guess they goofed on that justification… unless KSM also told them about al Qaeda’s secret time machine. But seriously…

The Nazis tortured their enemies.

America used to be the “Shining City on a hill”, we were the good guys. Now we are justifying torture, just like the nazis did. Is everyone ok with that, whatever it takes to ‘get the bad guys’, even if it means using disgraced Nazi tactics?

I’ll bet most of America would be against stooping to such lows, especially if they knew the truth about the “War on Terror”. Yet our new “Change we can believe in” President is justifying the tactics just like the last Puppet, I mean President. Further proof that Obama is on the same team as Bush, the Republicrats. He’s just a new face for the same old policies.



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