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Undoing the Fascist Coup, July 4th

What does it mean when there is significant evidence of election fraud, and our media and government refuse to address it? It means that we no longer live in a true democracy. That is the state of America today. George Carlin was right, ~ “Politicians are there to give you the illusion of choice.” (mp3 – clean)*

For example, we had a president that liked war and torture. A true alternative would be a President that would end the war and torture. Obama has condoned both of those abominable Bush practices, he’s actually ramping up the war. Obama even kept the same Secretary of Defense and the same Goldman Sachs “Bailout” team to give away your money to the banksters. The illusion of choice.

On a positive note, millions of Americans have been trying for years to wake up the “sheeple” blindly following a corrupt president’s evil actions in lockstep. Now that Obama is in charge, those same people that blindly followed the Bush/Cheney horror are now Mad as Hell at the goverment. Finally!

The question now is, will the activists that fought so hard to end the war, step down and accept it now that it’s Obama’s war? Will the Democrats become the new sheeple, blindly following the President’s bad (corrupt) decisions simply because he’s “their guy”? I don’t think so.

That is why we have a unique opportunity right now. This generation of Americans has the chance to break through the Divide and Conquer tactics of our rulers and unite behind a common cause, the future of our children.


This $12.8 TRILLION dollar giveaway is actually a blessing in disguise, because nobody is buying it. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, we’re all Mad as Hell. We all know this “bailout” is akin to the Sheriff of Nottingham, robbing from the poor to give to the rich.

Now we are faced with a true choice. Do we allow this unfettered greed and corruption to continue, hoping that we can vote out the incumbents during the next election? Or do we realize that we are beyond voting, knowing that 80% of America’s ballots are counted by machine, in secret, by two companies (ES&S & Diebold) ‘coincidentally’ run by brothers.

This point needs to be drilled home: Elections will not solve anything.

For years I’ve been hoping for a Mosh (video) like moment where citizens descend on the capitol, overwhelm the police and take over Congress. Yet this is increasingly unlikely, especially now that there is a military brigade deployed in DC.

Then it hit me, the solution is to confront each member of Congress in their home district. On July 4th! Every CongressCritter goes to their home state and attends an Independance Day Parade where they can kiss babies and pose for the cameras. This July 4th is going to be different. This time when they stand up to give their speech, they’ll be facing an angry mob of citizens, no longer divided by the false Republican vs Democrat scam. This July 4th we’ll be united in our anger at this blatantly corrupt government.

Are we supposed to just submit like cowards? Are we supposed to remain willfully ignorant, hoping that Obama’s going to start the real change in next year? Hoping that Jeb Bush or Sarah Palin will save us in 2012? Yeah right.

In America, we are allowed to make a citizen’s arrest when we see a crime.

The practice dates back to medieval England and the English common law, when sheriffs encouraged ordinary citizens to help apprehend law breakers.

Well, we see the crimes committed by this government, and we see that the current crop of Politicians are not going to fix the situation. “The system” has failed.There is no white knight coming to save us. We’re going to have to save ourselves.

Some might say, “What about the police? Let’s get them to join us.” By all means, that would be wonderful, however, Upton Sinclair was right,

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

The police, like the military and many others, don’t want to know- it’s easier that way. It’s up to those of us that do know, to take the necessary action. As Malcom X said (mp3),

“Since the Federal Government has shown that it isn’t going to do anything about it, but talk. Then it is a duty, it is your and my duty, as men, as human beings.. it is our duty to our people.”

Now, to be clear, we are not calling for violence. We are calling for The People to voice themselves, for The Angry Mob that is sure to be present at each and every 4th of July speech by our “Representatives”, to speak loud and clear about how they feel about our current Congress.

It might start with the crowd booing during the Critter’s speech. (roflmao video! Perhaps next time instead of a beach ball, someone will bring a basket of rotten tomatoes ; o )) It’s important to note that this speech was at a Tea Party where the 4000 strong Republican crowd booed the Republican critter. This proves the anger is non-partisan, we’re not standing behind any politician just because they’re from ‘our party’ – we aren’t buying that BS anymore.

It might start when one member of the crowd yells out, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!” (video) And then another yells out, and another….

Or maybe it will be the impassioned speech of one individual that will galvanize the crowd (video) into the realization at just how badly they’ve been screwed, and the realization that we outnumber them!

Like this crowd (video), we see our countrymen beaten and brutalized, and we know it has got to stop. So it starts with two people charging the field, and then the floodgates open… the police have no choice, either stand down or be overrun.

The angry mob, having collared the criminal, will take the “Representative” up on stage, in full view of the media cameras, and deliver a list of charges (to be developed), then read the miranda rights while the criminal is placed under citizen’s arrest. (No cuffs? Use plastic zip-ties like the military.)

The next few hours might consist of a spontaneous debate with the crowd present electing a temporary representative, with the full understanding that a new election is to be held within months. For the first election in our return to true democracy, all ballots will be counted by hand, with the results posted locally and digitally at every level- precinct, city, county, state. This is the only way to ensure an honest count- with results posted in such a way that local citizens can verify the results.**

Sure, this seems like an impossible dream, but what the hell, go big or go home, eh.


Ideally this idea would take off on the net like Susan Boyle, but even if that doesn’t happen, know that you can still do it. Even if there is no mass movement for citizen’s arrests on July 4th, there could still be one or two. If someone, somewhere has the connections and resources to organize a few dozen Mad as Hell Citizens…. that could be enough to get the ball rolling and make at least one arrest in their town. This one event would surely be nationwide news, “Angry Mob Arrests Feinstein in SF – Says She’s Guilty of Corruption, Treason”

… and thus the Revolution began.

* To be clear- I am not advocating a “coup”. A coup has already taken place in America. The government is no longer of, by and for the people. The government has been hijacked by corporations. Congressmembers are hardly “public servants” any longer, they are useful idiots that vote on bills they don’t even read. What I am advocating is a restoration of our Republic, in a 100% peaceful manner.

** To contrast, our state’s current system has the Diebold central tabulator count all votes, then the paper ballots are shipped to the state warehouse. Even if there is a recount, there is no way of knowing if the ballot boxes have been switched since voting day.



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  2. J P Morgan did it in 1907 and it’s happening again today. Morgan was thought to be the richest man in America but when he died and his will was read he owned only 19% of the bank, the rest was owned by… Rothschild. So whenever you see the name J P Morgan substitute Rothschild’s name and you know who is doing this… then go read about the Rothschild dynasty to put things in their correct perspective


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